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Privacy policy

Last renewal: 30th august 2006 My single dating - online service for meetings - Privacy policy

My single dating has created a personal Privacy policy which explains a ways of protecting and using personal information collected from srevice holders.

1. Approval for collecting. Using and detecting
You accepted our Privacy policy by using and registration in my single dating. If you don't agree with that, don't use our service and don't register in it, please.

From time to time my single dating service can update and renovate private politics. If that, and when, happen, on the top of this page will be put a date of last renewal. If there will be some essential changes all holders will be inform on time. That changes are not some kind of private character, in sense that we could give someone your phone number, e-mail... without your permission. All changes that could happen, will be because of protection of this service holder, protection of a privacy or rigourous verification at registration of new holders because of privacy protection.

2. Responsibility
My single dating collects all information about you as a holder, because of privacy protection and safety of our members. Information which we collect and save are : IP address, operating system, browser type, domain name, URL, access times and ref ing web site addresses. We colect survey results which was answered by holders (without commitment), too. That information will not be shared with anybody, they will stay in our information base which is offline.

3. Purpose of collecting a personal information
My single dating collects and uses had up personal information from next reasons:

a) to understand better and to identify needs of service holders b) because of the development and tendering of better service for holders c) to please your need for information, services and offers d) to be able to comunicate with holders of our service when is necessary, to inform them about renewals and new possibilities inside the service e) to make possible to our members a special free time limited service f) to do personal some of the services which we offer inside the membership g) to be able to give special reductions for membership and to inform members about membership expiration h) in case that you break some of the private politics article or state law, you will be inform by e-mail i) because of the service protection or copyright my single dating j) because of detecting and repairing a technical problems

Our partners with whom we are collaborateing, offer to us sometimes service or a product which could be interesting for our holders. That kind of information we forward to our holders by service or e-mail.

4. Limitation at collecting a personal information
My single dating is limiting collecting of information about our holders just on that information which are necessary for normal service function (information which do you sign in at the registration) which we don't forward to. Only you are responsible for giving personal information to other holders.

5. Betraing, treatment and delay of information
My single dating service DO NOT SELL, RENT or betray your personal information except in next cases:

a) When we are having doubts that behind a profile or information, which have been transmited, stands a person who isn't that for what he/she claims to be b) when someone do something bad against another member of our service c) when someone use some of the materials from our pages without our permission (web design, graphics,pictures...) d) when someone who caused damage some other member of a service, and that damaged holder decides to take a charge who damage him/her, on court demand, we will give all wanted information.

We are big antagonists of 'SPAM' messages and we never send an e-mail to someone without a permission of an owner. As soon as you became a member of our service, you are right away ageed that we have a right to send you an e-mail from time to time with a goal of helping holder in finding wanted person, and news bounded with using of our service. If you don't want to receive any kind of information and e- mails from us any more, let us know and inform us on our e-mail address, please. If you decide to erase completely your profile from the service, information about you we don't save or remember any more. They will be deleted for ever. You can't get it back. The only possibility to approach again to service is to register yourself again. On question : Do we give advertisement in various advertising magazines with your personal information? the answer is no. We are not partner with any advertising magazine. Your profile will be visible only for our service holders. We exceptionally respect privacy and information safety. When we are receiving and sending delicate information like finances... When is payment and things like it in question, we reorganise service holders on protected server and we are following each one of the visitors. Malevolent people and all people who don't have sincere intention, will be send away from this pages without possibility of registering again-for ever!

6. Safety guaranty
My single dating service will use all reasonable efforts and resources to protect personal information of all holders of our service.

7. Access to personal information
My single dating service keeps the right to research, examine and check truthfulness of information which are hideing behind someones profile. This is necessary for privacy protection and safety of all holders of our service. When you create your personal profile, he will be, before announcement on service pages, check and the pictures will be distinct (it would be unacceptable if there are some pictures of sexual organs...)

8. My single dating service address
If you have any question, obscurities, you are free to contact us.
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